Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prophecies Concerning Israel

The state of Israel is one of the great proofs of the divine authorship of the Bible. In the Biblical books of Isaiah, Ezekial, Zechariah, and Hosea we read prophecies about Israel in the last days. These prophecies not only declared that Israel would be destroyed (Matthew 24: 1-2) (as it happened in the 1st century AD), but that it would be re-established as a nation and that Jews would return to their land from all over the world (Isaiah 11: 11) (which has been happening since 1948). The prophets also declared that in the last days Israel would be the center of conflict throughout the world.

These recent events in Egypt testify to this prophecy. I assert this based on the rhetoric coming from those who are pushing for an extremist Islamic state like Iran. There have been declarations of war against Israel, which again coincides with the scriptures where the Bible predicted that the whole world would turn against Israel. (Zechariah 12:2-3)

Right now the United States is Israel's only true friend, but with friends like this administration, who needs enemies. Iran has also only days ago promised the destruction of Israel and America and that this uprising in Egypt will be the beginning of such.

Israel is going to be forced to defend themselves and then that act will be condemned by the world and again the scriptures fulfilled.

After such events a world leader will step into the scene and bring peace to the Middle East. This ofcourse will be the Antichrist.

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