Monday, January 30, 2012

Self Awareness Proves The Existence Of God

KTo know for a certainty that God exists, there are many roads we can explore to show beyond a shadow of a doubt there is an intelligent Designer behind all creation. One road we can travel is the road of Self Awareness.

Rene Descartes made the philosophical observation "I think, therefore I am." Our only connection to the outside world is through the realm of our mind. Therefore before we were conceived in our mother's wombs, we did not exist. I thought and experienced nothing before 1972. This proves to me that I am a finite being. I had a beginning, therefore I am not eternal, and therefore I cannot be God.

This statement applies to every person and all life. There is nothing in this universe that we know of that is not finite. All things created had a beginning, even our universe itself. Science does not dispute this. The Big Bang model points to a finite universe, as do the observable behaviors and physical laws within the universe. There are those who say the universe is infinite, and it goes through different phases where it expands and then collapses, then expands again, carrying on this cycle for eternity. However even this un-observable theory demands an outside cause behind the physical laws that demand such a cycle.

Physicists to this day cannot explain the "Atomic Glue" that holds the universe together, except that there seems to be an outside force that maintains the order we find in the construct of space and time. The Bible answers that great question in the first verse of the first book. "In the Beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)

In searching one's self to discover God, we must recognize there are only 3 explanations for our existence.

1-We are infinite beings? We have always existed and always will? Well we have already esablished that our existence is dependent upon our own self consiousness, as Descartes so eloquently and accurately said "I think, therefore I am." Before 1972, there is no evidence that I existed in any way shape or form, except for being a thought in the mind of God. So this option is dismissed as unprovable.

2-We are self created? Some would call this spontanious generation. This philosophical approach is most appealing to atheists, as it lines up with the evolutionary humanistic approach to our current condition. This theory attempts to dismiss the need for an infinite creator. However this approach collapses under its own weight. You see for something to have been self created, it needs to exist before it can create itself. This is analytically false as it violates the law of self contradiction. All finite things require a cause. If the universe and all life within it is finite, then the universe could not have generated itself. Life could not have created itself. Life can only be generated from life. Complexity can only come from complexity. The physical laws of the universe could not have come from a chaotic explosion from some ambiguous point of energy. A reproductive form of life could not reproduce without a fully developed reproductive system. The law of irreducible complexity completely and utterly refutes the aspect of evolutionary theory that promotes macro-evolution. The bottom line is that spontanious generation or self creation is foolishness. "The fool has said in his own heart that there is no God" (Psalm 14:1)

The only option left concerning how self awareness proves God's existence is that we are created by an infinite being. Logic demands that all finite things ultimately require an infinite creator. Finite things cannot create finite things unless an infinite being provides the tools necessary.

God is eternal. "In the Beginning God created..." The beginning in this verse found in Genesis 1, does not refer to God's beginning, but to the beginning and creation of time and space as we know it. God existed before the beginning, before He created space and time with His word.

Examine yourself honestly and you will come to no other conclusion other than there is a God who created us. This God has exclusively revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.