Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Message To All Bloggers

Although I greatly appreciate any comments, questions or even disagreements anyone may have, I am not doing this blog to be mocked or insulted. I do not tolerate any inappropriate language. If one does engage in this behavior, I have no reservations about deleting any comments written in such a tone. If one chooses to engage in this type of communication it means to me that this person has no interest in seeking truth, but in fact is so full of pride, they have convinced themselves they know it all. Not to mention the lack of common decency in treating another human being with respect. I apologize to those who have commented in a civil and respectful tone, for this posting.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Science and Philosophy Require the Existence of God

When dealing with the universe we have only two options to explain how the universe came into being. We know that the universe itself is not eternal. There is an abundance of evidence that supports the fact that at some point in time the universe did not exist and then did. The law of causality requires a deeper explanation for the genesis of the universe than the big bang theory. The big bang theory does not define a cause, but only a process. If something like the big bang happened ( which is a weak theory in and of itself), a cause is still required. This means a self existent, eternal designer is required. We can't just say this dependent universe came out of another dependent universe. At some point an eternal, self existent creative designer is required to explain the law and order we observe in our universe.

We also observe a natural moral law that is common throughout creation. Several studies have determined that moral law is not a product of environment, but it is written in our genetic make up. Therefore not only do we have a creative designing force, but we have a personal creator who has shown there is an intention or a purpose for our existence.

The athiest is not thinking this issue through. The athiest is basically saying " Because I cannot see my thoughts, my thoughts must not exist." This is no different than their approach to God. However the natural world has the fingerprints of a personal, moral, and creative designer all over it. To ignore this is called foolishness by the author of the Bible. The apostle Paul declared in Romans chapter one that we can know God exists through observing His creation.

It is actually quite simple. When we look at a painting, how do we know a painter exists. We look at the painting and know in our hearts that someone designed this painting personally and with a purpose. We can't prove scientifically that there was a painter but we know there was one, because paintings don't form themsleves by chance. How much more is this true when we look at the complexity and design of the natural universe. Once the so called athiest comes to terms with the fact the God exists we can move forward and start a discussion about how we can know the God of the Bible is the very God that created our universe.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Are We Better Than Osama Bin Ladin?

In light of the recent events involving the killing of Osama Bin Ladin, I thought it was important to take a sober look at the situation from the perspective of God's Word. Many Americans and others have expressed great joy and actually celebrated the death of O.B.L.. My first response was my personal memory of people in the Middle East celebrating in the streets when the events of September 11th, 2001 happened. I was disgusted with anger then. Today I am disgusted with sadness.

I am saddened by this response Americans have had primarily because God said in Ezekial 33 that He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Secondly I am saddened at the spiritual blindness of our nation. Jesus said if we hate someone we are as guilty as a murderer. Most people who reject the Bible reject this statement and defend themselves by saying they would never do what O.B.L. did. I would add that God also said "If not for His grace, we would do the same evil."

Think about it. Lets say you were born in O.B.L.'s family, environement and nation. Already the chances of you becoming a hate filled terrorist has increased signifigantly. Now lets say you also were indoctrinated with the same garbage he was, and you had the same temperment. It is likely you would follow the teachings of Muhammud and become a terrorist unless some eye opening intervention took place.
You see we all have the capacity within us to become something evil. We hide alot of our hate and evil in our thoughts, but God knows our thoughts. God placed us in this society where it is likely we will not be tempted to become terrorists. So then the question that demands to be asked is this: Is God then not just because He allows people to grow up in environments where they can be tempted to be something so evil such as the case with O.B.L.? The answer is no. I can say this because God sees sin as sin. Here in America we sin in our thoughts, in Osama Bin Ladin's world, his sin manifested into his acts. God sees both the same. Therefore we have no right to celebrate the death of a wicked man, because we too are just as wicked. The only thing that could have saved Osama Bin Ladin, would have been him responding to God's call to repentance, and then him receiving Jesus Christ as his savior. I don't know if O.B.L ever heard the gospel, but as far as I can tell, I saw no repentance of his sins. True repentance, would have led him to the cross of Christ. God gave O.B.L. a conscience, so he knew what he was doing was evil. However he hardened his heart to God's love and then was blinded to the truth about Islam. That truth is that it is a religion created by Satan himself.

Most Americans have also hardened their hearts to God and need to repent. For those who claim they are not as evil as O.B.L. and yet live their lives rejecting God's call to repentance; they will end up in the same environment Osama Bin Ladin may have ended up in...The Lake of Fire.

I am sure this may have offended you, but the reality is that we are all dead in our sin, and can only be saved through what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. We cannot be saved by being religous, and we cannot be saved by just trying to be "Good People." By God's standards, we are incapable of being "Good People." Therefore we need the grace and mercy of God that is given to us through Jesus.